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How to Create a WordPress Site Based on HTML and CSS

First, setup WordPress. This example uses TT (=Trondheim Tips) as the mnemonic. I used:

Then, download this blank WordPress theme from here: http://html5blank.com/

This will be a simple site, with one main page, and several secondary pages. The header and footer will be consistent for all the pages.

If you have any plug-ins installed, deactive them all, for now.

Add Pages. For this example, the first page is called Title, and secondary pages are:

  1. Story Page
  2. Article Page
  3. Reference Page
  4. Links Page
  5. National Page
  6. Religion Page
  7. Military Page
  8. Student Page
  9. Calendar

Use the Order field on the right of the Add Page screen to order the pages for the WordPress default Navigation

Select the Settings/General screen to enter the Site Title, Date Format and Time Format. Be sure to Save Changes.

Select the Settings/Reading screen, and select Front Page Displays A Static Page, and select Title as the Front Page. Be sure to Save Changes.

Select the Appearance/Editor screen, and click on the Header page on the right. The WordPress editor is horrible, so you may want to use another one; I use Eclipse. The header.php file is in the C:\*HLQ*\ttwordpress-4.1-0\apps\wordpress\htdocs\wp-content\themes\html5blank-stable\html5blank-stable

Perhaps this can help with the Elipse configuration: http://www.javaguicodexample.com/pdtphpwordpress.html

In the header.php file, do the following:

In the footer.php file, do the following:

In the page.php file, do the following:

WordPress Variables


Name Type Description
$pagenow (string) In wp-admin
$post_type (string) In wp-admin
$allowedposttags (array)
$allowedtags (array)
$menu (array)

-Version Variables-

Name Type Description
$wp_version (string) WordPress version
$wp_db_version (int) Version of the database
$required_php_version (string) Version of PHP required
$required_mysql_version (string) Version of MySQL required

-Browser Name-

Name Type Description
$is_gecko (boolean) FireFox
$is_chrome (boolean) Google Chrome
$is_IE (boolean) Internet Explorer

-Webserver Name-

Name Type Description
$is_apache (boolean) Apache
$is_IIS (boolean) IIS

-Page Variables-

Name Type Description Internals
$post text Text of the post post_author, post_date, post_content, etc
$page Integer Number of the page
$numpages Integer Number of total pages
$pages Array All the pages
$more Boolean More pages?
$multipage Boolean More than one page?

-User Variables-

Name Type Description Internals
$current_user text User
$super_admins array Set this in wp-config.php to override users in the db.

-Template Tags-

Name Description Example
the_title() Gets the title
the_author() Gets the author
the_category() Gets the category
the_ID() Gets the unique ID of a posting
the_permalink() Gets the URL
the_time() Gets the date and time the post was published
the_tags() Gets the tags attached to the post
edit_post_link() Shows the annoying "edit" link at the bottom of the screen.
comment_form() Shows the annoying comment boxes.

-Posting Parameters for Query-

Name Description Example
p=# For an individual posting id#
monthnum=# For an individual posting month number#
day=# For an individual posting day#
year=# For an individual posting year#
author=# For an individual posting author#
ignore_sticky_posts Skip them

Let's create a simple and clean WordPress Theme for Dr. Vijay

First, create a site called www.vijay.no on the Kenny server.

He wants a header, a footer, and two side-by-side pictures. The left picture will be fixed, and the right picture can change daily. No sidebar. Because sidebars are ugly.

Next, create a theme dir in:

vvvwordpress-4.1-0\apps\wordpress\htdocs\wp-content\themes\Vijay's Theme 1

Version 1 -- Create four files in the new dir: